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Mistress Katy comes home from a long day of being on her feet when she makes her foot slave lie on the ground and rests her dirty sneakers on his face, she then removes her shoes and places her sweaty socks on his face forcing him to smell her stinky feet. She then has him remover her socks revealing her bare feet as he licks her dirty soles hoping to please his mistress.

These two foot femdoms have their work out clothes on and their slave cornered, these sadosisters have their fun with their foot slave by giving him the worst ballbusting that he's ever received. They tramples his nuts with their full weight with their sock covered feet kicking him hard and humiliating him as they force him to smell their sweaty socks while busting his balls and laughing at his pain.

Mistress Lindsey is sitting on the couch while her foot slave is worshiping her feet, she shoves her feet in her slaves face forcing him to smell her stinky feet. This foot femdom then removes her sweaty socks and reveals her stinky feet for her slave to lick her dirty soles clean and then suck the toes of her sexy bare feet, she loves watching her feet get worshiped by her slave.

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